Maui Wowee

Maui Wowee

Take a break from the hectic life with this twist on the classic match-three.
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Maui Wowee
Take a break from the hectic life with this tropical twist on the classic match-three puzzler. In a wonderful variation, Maui Wowee lets you decide if you prefer to slide objects or swap 'em! Of course, all your favorite puzzle features are here too. Featuring an in-game tutorial, an editor to make your own levels, and a screen saver, Maui Wowee is fantastic family fun!

* Unlimited Play
* Over 200 Levels
* Customizable Screen Saver
* Beautiful Full Screen Display
* Level EditorMaui Wowee is a great puzzle game a la Bejeweled in which you must slide any tile around to match three or more adjacent tiles of the same color and make them disappear from the board. Unlike other similar games, Maui Wowee allows you to slide tiles from up to three squares away, and not just swap one for another directly next to it. Your goal in each level is to make a flower match on every tile on the board, and you win.

The game gets more and more complicated with the different levels, offering a new more challenging tile configuration as you advance. The farer the match comes from, the more score you get. For instance, if you drag a tile three squares away to make a match, you get a golden tile. When you end a level, the color of the tiles you got determines your score. Also, if you match more than three flowers, you get bonus items that include a butterfly that you can use to remove useless flowers. Apart from the main mode, there is a level editor that allows you to create your own levels to challenge your friends. All in all, Maui Wowee is an entertaining and challenging game that gives a twist to the traditional ones.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Some original features.
  • Cool graphics and sound effects.
  • A level editor.


  • Not many power-ups.
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